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Rosemarie Savage


Are you struggling to cope with a bereavement, finding it difficult to overcome stress and anxiety, living with trauma's you have experienced or are experiencing?  I want to help you navigate your way through these struggles and to transform your life, not just to cope, but to thrive.

We can work together so that you can cope with life's struggles and, through transformation, can move towards a life where you can thrive, raise your self-esteem and confidence.  A life where you don't feel like you are invisible, but can be seen and heard.

Why I might be a good fit for the struggles you are experiencing:

I have experience of working with people who are navigating some of life's struggles.  I am an integrative counsellor and use a person centred approach, with a focus on Polyvagal Therapy for trauma, stress and anxiety, and a Growing Your Life Around Grief approach for Grief and Loss.  The above can include looking at how the past influences present feelings and behaviours whilst, staying in the present to explore coping strategies and ways of dealing with bereavement, anxiety, depression, loss, trauma, long term health problems, and relationship difficulties. ;

Specifically I offer Couples Counselling, in person or on-line; and

Outdoor Therapy (please contact me for further details). We will discuss what is suitable for you, but generally, in addition to the counselling element, being outdoors may give an increased sense of well-being, more energy during the day and better sleep at night and help you to relax.  It may improve the recovery process.  As with Polyvagal Therapy, it can help the brain rewire itself  to better manage stress and assist in healing from trauma.  All this, along with a free dose of Vitamin D!  

My counselling experience includes an NHS placement looking at the effects of chronic ill health with associated losses and volunteering with CRUSE bereavement support.  I was a Samaritans volunteer for eight years.
Further professional development and training has been undertaken in Anxiety Disorder, Trauma, and Mindfulness.
With CPD in

Couples Counselling (Certificate for Online Advanced Couples Therapy Training)

Outdoor Therapy.

Polyvagal Therapy.


Counselling online via ZOOM (£35 per session)

Counselling in person (face to face)  (£35 per session)

Counselling by Telephone (£35 per session)

Couples Counselling online via ZOOM (£40 per session)

Outdoor Therapy (contact me for details of locations in South Kent, Canterbury, and Rye and surrounding villages in East Sussex).  (£40 - £50 per session depending on locality).

Later this year (2021) I will be setting up online support/education groups in areas such as bereavement support, anxiety, panic attacks and for 'older' women who feel that they are not seen or heard.  I will update here as soon as these have been finalised, but in the meantime, please email me if you would be interested in joining a group and if there is a particular subject you would want to be included.


                                            AM                                                PM                                                   Evening          

Monday:            Face to Face Counselling      Face to Face Counselling            Online Counselling

                           Online/Telephone  or             Online/Telephone  or                  Telephone Counselling

                           Couples Counselling              Couples Counselling 

Tuesday:                          AM

                             Outdoor Therapy

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday:  Please contact me regarding availability for Online or Telephone Counselling or

                                                           Outdoor Therapy

Saturday:                         AM

                              Face to Face Counselling

                            Online/Telephone Counselling


Telephone: 07565 197152


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