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Sue Nyirenda

Aug 2021 - During these difficult covid times... I can only offer sessions via the internet ZOOM or by phone - please email me if you are interested. I am hoping to  be back to face to face sessions soon.


Working creatively and uniquely with my clients is, I believe, vitally important. You come with your own individual experience and ways of being, and with your own new path to forge. My job is to attune to you to really try and understand you and then support you on your path to a better place. I deeply believe that you have the understanding and solutions within you and my role is to help you find them - in a gentle, but challenging way.
The relationship and trust between us are key - if we get on well then you are likely to work really well in your counselling! Therefore, I always offer a free initial consultation (50 mins) for you to meet me (and me you) before you commit to seeing me as your counsellor. Counselling is a big commitment - emotionally and of course financially, but I see it as a timely and valuable investment in yourself.
As I’m sure you know - it can often take a while to trust a new person in your life, and I understand that. So, we will work together, building our trust in the first instance.
Entering counselling is an important and serious choice. We will meet regularly to work together and will mean that some difficult things may have to be faced. But there is certainly plenty of joy to be shared along the way too. I see counselling as an inner adventure - to find the real you. It can be wonderfully liberating!
I am 62 and so have a wealth of my own life experiences that have brought me to this place in time. I’d like to think that I’ve learned a few things along the way and made a significant number of mistakes too. I feel that it is a deep privilege to work with my clients and I love my work. Each client definitely teaches me new things!
Being creative is very important to me and in my therapy, and I like to use a variety of different methods with my clients, to suit their needs. I qualified with a diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling, which means I draw on a few different theoretical approaches, rather than be stuck in the discipline of simply one.
Recently, I’ve produced a set of Lovelli Therapy Cards which I work with as well as other images from magazines etc. I also run workshops with therapists to explore how such images can be used with clients. It can be very powerful, so we have to be gentle and sensitive in this work, but it is also great fun and rewarding.

Individual Counselling - £35

Couples counselling -  Sessions  £40

My personal website - lovellicounselling.co.uk

E mail - sue.nyirenda@btinternet.com

Phone - 07777 663042

Cost - £35 per session (some concession sessions may be available)

Couples Counselling - £40 per session